About Us

Passion & Uniqueness
Obsession for Excellence

The Company

Kochar group (www.kochar.com) is well diversified in Information Technology, BPO & KPO Services and is always striving for excellence and accelerating value for its partners with its unique offerings.

At Kochar our business philosophy is to provide end to end solutions to our customers. Our solutions are used by more than 5 of the top 20 Telco’s globally. We assist our clients to deal with growing device management challenges, increase data usage, reduce support costs while managing the customer experience of a highly fragmented ecosystem where Devices, Networks and Applications are owned by different stake holders. We have built our expertise by working in one of the largest and challenging markets of the world.

Each one of us at Kochar is a ‘Solution Provider’.

The Culture

The values and culture of Kochar are inculcated into each new member who joins the organization. They find themselves integrated into the system, which has freedom of thoughts and idea as a key differentiator and the
Kochar ethos as its backbone. We believe ordinary people are the ones who do extraordinary things; they just have to be sufficiently inspired and wholeheartedly supported.

At Kochar entrepreneurship is almost worshiped.