Why Use GizmoControl

Secure Internet experience
right inside your home

Parents today maintain a very busy schedule that not only includes doing household chores but also managing their ever busy corporate careers. If you are a parent who is really struggling to find time to track what their kids are doing online on their mobile devices, this is the ultimate product for you.

Internet is a boon to us human beings. If the best of information is just a few clicks away, so is the malicious one too. And with the advent of mobile devices, access to internet has become easier. Children, specially teens are exposed to inappropriate content online with parents having no clue about it. With Gizmohelp, We help you monitor and control your kids' activities on their mobile devices as well as on the internet.

With GizmoControl Family, you can feel safer and content by knowing that your loved ones are safe too. And you can do this remotely, anytime and anywhere.

Data and Devices play an important role in our lives now. From being connected to managing our network, we are so used to our movile devices. But what happens when we come across unexpected mishap, loss or theft of our devices? We feel handicapped. GizmoControl Family offers premium security features and leaves your worriless.

GizmoControl Family offers a complete solution for safety of your loved ones, security of your devices and monitoring of your children's activities.

About KocharTech

GizmoControl Is a product by Kochar Group

Kochar group (www.kochar.com) is well diversified in Information Technology, BPO & KPO Services and is always striving for excellence and accelerating value for its partners with its unique offerings.

At Kochar our business philosophy is to provide end to end solutions to our customers. Our solutions are used by more than 5 of the top 20 Telco’s globally. We assist our clients to deal with growing device management challenges, increase data usage, and reduce support costs while managing the customer experience of a highly fragmented ecosystem where Devices, Networks and Applications are owned by different stake holders. We have built our expertise by working in one of the largest and challenging markets of the world

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